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THE THIRD EDITION of the classic book Coaching for Leadership is written for today’s coaches who are challenged with the task of combining concepts from various disciplines in order to help their clients, especially high-potential leaders, learn and succeed. In this sense, coaches have to become discriminating eclectics, developing a keen sense of judgment to select which ideas are best woven into their coaching method and which concepts are best to ignore. Coaching for Leadership is intended to be a cherished companion in that learning journey presented by the world’s greatest coaches, including: Marshall Goldsmith, Paul Hersey, Beverly Kaye, Dave Ulrich, and many more.

This comprehensive resource offers a wealth of material for established and novice coaches including proven coaching techniques, key principles, and important learning points. The book offers a concise overview of the foundations of coaching and reveals
What it takes to coach for engagement and retention Why mentoring is circular How to build a team without wasting time What it means to be a purposeful leader How to write like a leader The right stuff of leadership What is needed to lead across national boundaries How to coach high potential women Why coaching is empowerment How to influence decision makers Why you should double your value The ten suggestions for successful peer coaching The coaching tools for the leadership journey How to coach executives for succession
Coaching for Leadership is a proven resource that offers best practices, sample scenarios, case studies, and practical tools.