Going to Hell

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🗸 Title: Going to Hell
🗸 Rating : 4 from 5 stars (31 reviews)
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Be careful what you wish for.

The children of the gods, creatures hidden within this world, have claimed my family one by one. Trolls, goblins, mermaids, and other beings crave humans like me. Only in my home am I truly safe. Yet, I would give anything to escape that isolated existence. Anything but my life. 

When a spell steals Ashlyn's voice and rips her from home, she finds herself in a labyrinth of dark rooms where she's forced to play a dangerous game of hide-and-seek with creatures that hunt the shadows. However, in her determination to discover where she is and how to get out, she accidentally wakes one.

He's devastatingly hot, yet dangerously unstable, and bent on claiming her for his own. And he's more powerful than any creature she's ever encountered. In his rage, he can set the ground shaking. But he also protects her, feeds her, and cares for her. She doesn't know what kind of monster he is, but she knows she'll need to resist his siren spell and find a way out of the darkness alive if she ever wants to see home again.