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🗸 Title: King of Pain
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Can the heat of love melt his cold-hearted desire for revenge?

Jessica has the perfect life, or so she thinks. No conflict, no struggle, just the same idyllic day, over and over. When a familiar figure from her past bursts onto the scene, it shatters the spell that’s kept her happy, but trapped, for so many years. The traces of her old life come flooding back, and she finds herself falling for the fae king who rescued her all over again. But the happy memories of her past with him aren’t all they seem, and she soon comes face to face with the devastating reason she left in the first place. Jessica must decide if she is willing to put her heart on the line again to give him a second chance. 

Cullen is a fallen fae king, banished from the mortal world by his own treacherous brothers. His fate is sealed, until he learns that his one true love has been trapped in the faerie realm, hidden away from him for all these years. He spirits her away and rekindles their passion, desperate to make up for lost time. His life with Jessica won’t be secure unless he hands over his brothers. But if he can’t let go of his obsession with getting revenge, he just might lose his love all over again. 

If you like strong women, hunky fae kings, wild adventures, steamy sensual scenes, and happily-ever-afters, then you’ll love the world of Rosethorn Valley Fae!

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