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“Everything a leader does matters. Anyone who has ever experienced the impact of poor leadership understands the significance of effective leadership. When a leader is doing the right things, we may not recognize every action or characteristic as "leadership" in the moment, but we can feel it. So how do we model that behavior? 

The authors of Lessons from Leaders distill decades of experience from fifteen remarkable leaders into a collection of entertaining stories that will inspire and guide readers to transform the way they lead. Not based on one voice or perspective, this book features a diverse spectrum of leaders from all walks of life. Some are more recognizable than others, but their lessons are uniquely relatable and compelling. 

The candid and illuminating accounts of each leader's vastly different personal leadership journey-the people and experiences that shaped their beliefs, practices, and priorities-reveal the essential skills and characteristics that define extraordinary leadership.

Lessons from Leaders is not steeped in theory or complexity but is grounded in personal truths that paint a consistent picture of who a leader is and what a leader does. Each chapter includes an actionable Leadership Lesson that outlines steps the reader can take to reflect and apply meaningful insights.

Not a book that will be read once and put on the shelf, leaders at every level will want to highlight enduring takeaways, make notes in the margins, and use Lessons from Leaders as a compass to guide their journey to becoming an extraordinary leader.