Of Secrets and Slippers

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🗸 Title: Of Secrets and Slippers
🗸 Rating : 4.5 from 5 stars (196 reviews)
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“A haunting song
A deadly dance
An explosive finale

Allemar may be dead, but his cause festers in the dark. Strange beasts stalk the night, as haunting music corrupts the fog. When morning comes, nothing but dust remains. Rumors are quick to spread, with many speculating that Allemar had a son, and the heir of the evil sorcerer wants blood.

When an attack hits close to home, I become embroiled in a plan with the Magical Menagerie to infiltrate the palace of Sion and flush out the apprentice. Instead, I find twelve princesses, terrified and ensnared in a spell of music and death. Caught in a charade for my life, I don’t know whom to trust, for even my greatest love—may be my greatest enemy.

For I am Honor, one of the adoptive daughters of Lady Eville and I’m an anti mage, cursed with a gift that can kill. Forever forced to travel the ley lines to keep my friends safe, I must find the source of the rumors before the sinister song reaches its final note.

And death takes his final bow.