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Dr. Ian demands big results from his diet plans: whether on VH1's Celebrity Fit Club, State Farm's 50 Million Pound Challenge or his numerous inspirational appearances across the country, his advice has helped countless numbers of dieters lose millions of pounds.

With over twenty years of experience watching how and why dieters lose weight—and how they don't—Dr. Ian developed a program that actually retrains the brain to diet naturally. In The 4 Day Diet, Dr. Ian distills that program into the acronym SMARTER:

--Sense of where you are: don't fool yourself about your habits and what kind of shape you're in
--Make realistic goals: don't sabotage your success by trying to do too much too fast
--Activate your motivational engine: learn how to be your own best diet coach
--Resist temptation: how to put yourself in an environment that supports your diet and keeps you disciplined
--Think thin: why visualization works
--Every bite counts: track your intake, but learn how to enjoy what you eat more at the same time
--Reward yourself: indulge yourself in small and big ways along the road to permanent weight loss