The Lost Realm of Elhadar

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🗸 Title: The Lost Realm of Elhadar
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“Many years ago, an ancient evil and its minions were locked away, never to be freed. A group of miners dug too deeply, and they released those minions back into the world of Elhadar, where they terrorized the people of the realm. Darkstar Evenclave must gather a group of trusted and highly skilled warriors together to track down and deal with these creatures before they can set their evil leader free. Darkstar and his friends must journey throughout the realm and recruit the help of other friends and the dragons to capture or eliminate the threat now loose in the realm once again. The group undertakes a long journey, waking and requesting the help of the many different dragon leaders and fighting multiple enemies along the way. Each leg of the journey is fraught with peril and new adventures. They make new friends along their path to request help from old friends. After receiving a gift from the dragons, the heroes' skills and Darkstar's loyalty are tested against their foes. Death, destruction, and rebirth take place in this adventure.