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🗸 Title: The Rise Of Machines
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“This book begins by describing the history of artificial intelligence technology. While the effects of important figures such as Alan Turing and John McCarthy on artificial intelligence technology are explained, how artificial intelligence technology emerged and developed is explained. The book then focuses on the state of artificial intelligence technology today. Important topics such as deep learning, natural language processing and image processing technologies are discussed, and what artificial intelligence technology can do today is explained. In the final chapters, he discusses the potential of artificial intelligence technology in the future. The book offers ideas on how artificial intelligence can be used in business, medicine, defense and many other fields. It also discusses how artificial intelligence will affect people's lives and the ethical issues of artificial intelligence. "The Rise of the Machines: The Past and Future of Artificial Intelligence" will be an ideal resource for anyone who wants to learn about artificial intelligence technology. The book is written in plain language and provides a comprehensive knowledge of artificial intelligence technology.