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🗸 Title: Unfinished Love Story
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Unfinished Love Story by Carol Bost is the captivating and true story between a young teacher and an orphaned eight-year-old boy that seeks to define true love, understand its meaning, and the feel the power of forgiveness through looking toward God in challenging and troubling days. As a passionate teacher who worked toward an environment of respect, kindness, and happiness for her students, Carol Bost was given her hardest task to date in the form of a young boy who had been shuffled around his entire life with no chance to form loving bonds with anyone. As a result, he showed issues with anger and lashed out at everyone-even his new teacher Mrs. Bost. Through prayer and earnest perseverance, Mrs. Bost finally reaches this troubled young student and finds her own life is enriched by what he brings to her family as well. This is a story of God's work through those special souls who work with the children that others have abandoned and give them the gift of unconditional love and acceptance.