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Are You Seeking a Healthy, Sustainable Life? So, you are looking for a diet that not only resolves your current health issues but helps rejuvenate the overall well-being of your body. Some people think is this even possible? After intensive research, we found that Dr. Sebi's Plant-Based Alkaline Diet is the only answer to your body's sustainable desire of restoring your health. Our Ultimate Beginners Guide helps you start your Alkaline Diet Journey in Dr. Sebi's Approved Way; this guide helps you understand how you can accomplish the benefits of this diet, begin your journey and, most importantly, makes you learn; why it works? Do You Want to Say "No" to Chronic Diseases? If you are overweight, you become vulnerable to many hazardous diseases. One of Dr. Sebi's Alkaline Plant-Based Diet's major benefits is that you can lose your body weight easily without relying on chemical-based medicines. It has the potential to resolve and heal your body from many health problems. Learn in this Beginners Guide how you can shed those extra calories in a simple yet efficient way and lessen the chances of chronic diseases maintaining good health, which helps you regain your high energy levels and focus on other important parts of your life. Bonus: Complete Food Guide + Tips to Begin Your Revitalizing Journey Discover What's Inside.... *Who is Dr. Sebi? and Learn More about his Plant-Based Healing Process *Learn Where and How to Embark on your Cleansing Journey. *Understand the Benefits You can Accomplish *Food Guide to Make Your Choices Clear in Dr. Sebi Way *Simple Tips to Keep You on the Correct Track Click “BUY NOW” at the top of the page, and instantly Download: Beginners Guide to Dr. Sebi’s Diet: Embark on Dr. Sebi Alkaline Plant-Based Healing Diet With This Easy To Follow Beginners Guide And Learn The Basic Benefit Principles In This Guide