Croakies & Scream (Enchanting Inquiries, Book 5)

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🗸 Title: Croakies & Scream (Enchanting Inquiries, Book 5)
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Magical chaos, old enemies, new adversaries, and danger around every corner…I HATE this time of year! Okay, I’ll admit it, this is my least favorite time of year. Yeah, I understand the enchantment of the season…I get that…but most people don’t have jobs that involve wrangling magic. During the last three months of the year, magical influences run rampant. And that means a lot more work for me. And this year is the worst of all. Why you ask? Because I’m not only trying to wrangle the out-of-control magic artifacts flying around all over the place. This year, I also have to try to keep a magical cat and a talking frog out of trouble. Goddess take the wheel. Things are about to get really ugly.