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As you set out to become the go-to real estate agent, and dominate the market, you will need a solid plan to achieve this goal. The world of real estate agents is saturated with many different types of people; from the young go-getters to the middle-aged retirees looking for something fun to do in their spare time. In most neighborhoods or communities, there will be only a few go-to agents who are well-known, trusted household names. Becoming well-known involves full time work and takes time. In order to dominate a real estate market, the goal is to be visible everywhere, and be willing to do what others wonโ€™t. This could mean taking an extra hour per day to engage on social media or it could mean spending extra hours shooting and editing videos promoting yourself in the community. It could also mean organizing virtual events or partnering with other businesses. To dominate in your real estate marketing efforts, you need to know what you bring to the table. What skills do you have, what are your strengths, what do you excel at? Furthermore, what niche are you going to cater to? You need to hone in on a particular target market and become an expert at the things your niche is interested in. Find out what your potential customers are looking for in a home. Baby boomers and millennials have different priorities when it comes to home buying. Some are looking for more space while young millennials might not want to spend time to clean a bigger house and prefer something with less maintenance closer to the city center. After you identify your niche, you are going to want to get their attention in all the platforms they pay attention to and engage with. For example, podcasts are becoming more popular and people are spending less time reading newspapers and watching tv. Being the go-to real estate agent on podcasts that your audience listens to will begin to create awareness for you. Slowly, as you build an audience, you will build trust with clients. When people realize that you know a lot about the area and that you have a track record for getting your clients what they want, they will trust you to find their next dream home. These happy customers will tell their friends and your greatest marketing asset will begin working for you โ€“ word of mouth. When you become a part of social media conversations, when you begin giving back, when you begin delivering a positive experience, you will become part of your community. You will be instrumental in shaping and building your community by helping people and what they want. You will help both buyers and sellers and their next place and build their next home and community. It all begins with a positive attitude, steady work, and executing on your marketing plans. This guide covers everything you will need to build a real estate marketing plan and begin implementing it. You will learn how to create a marketing budget, how to create a multi-channel marketing campaign, how to effectively promote your listings, your personal brand, and more. Continue reading for in-depth tips and strategies for dominating your real estate market.