The Shelter of the Dove’s Wings

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🗸 Title: The Shelter of the Dove’s Wings
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“What about people who don’t have a family to look out for them, to love them?” Abe asked. “Does their spirit shrivel up and die too?” “Not always, and it never has to come to that,” Sarah responded. “Discovering the love God has for each one of us and accepting the forgiveness that He freely gives can mend a dried-up and dying spirit.” Five years after the turn of the twentieth century, Sarah and her seven children are thriving on their rural Indiana farm. A young girl, physically beaten, emotionally battered, and near starvation, finds refuge in the family’s barn. Sarah takes the child in, bringing along with her a shadow of danger that threatens the family’s sense of security. Sarah goes on high alert to protect her family and leans on God’s love, wisdom, and the light of His grace to guide them through the darkness of fear. Read The Shelter of the Dove’s Wings, book 2 in the continuing saga of the lives of Sarah and her children. The family’s diverse and endearing personalities continue to define them as characters who leap from the pages, make you laugh, and steal your heart. Add a dash of unresolved conflict from book 1, On the Wings of a Dove, and the flavor of an old friend seeking romance, then season with the spices of life ground from small-town living, and you have a recipe for a story that challenges your objectivity while nourishing your faith.