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Are You Looking for a Natural Way to Make Your Life Healthy and Disease Free? After researching a lot, we found that our body heals best when we recover it using natural or herbal ways. Allopathic ways always come with harmful side effects. Moreover, they imbalance your body's PH, and your body enters an acidic state, which unintentionally invites fatal diseases. Thanks to the great herbalist Dr. Sebi who has intensively worked on the natural plant-based diet, which works best to revive your health and helps you to live a life free from chronic diseases. Dr. Sebi's Raw Green Alkaline Smoothie Diet helps maintain your body's PH, which plays a significant role in keeping your body in harmony. Buy this book to know how Dr. Sebi's Raw Green Alkaline Smoothie Diet works and how you can eliminate the fear of hazardous diseases and have a healthy life. Bonus: Tips to start your diet, Best Habits to Transform Your Life Are You Struggling to Lose Weight and Instead Losing Confidence? If you are going to the gym and finding it challenging to maintain the fitness regime, you need to find an easy and sustainable way to lose weight. The most effortless and easy-to-follow method to lose all the extra fat in your body is through a natural way. After so much research, we found that the old healing way of a plant-based diet can only help in such situations. Dr. Sebi's Raw Green Alkaline Smoothie Diet has the potential to cleanse, heal and revive your body and at the same time helps you shed those extra pounds easily. Don't just lose weight. Get sustainable health with proper knowledge. This book makes you learn about the body's PH, why the plant-based smoothie diet works and why you should follow it. Additionally, you get the best tips to embark on a life-transforming journey and improve your lost energy and focus level. Get back the confidence you are missing. Inside You’ll Find: *Dr. Sebi and his Herbal Diet *Get to Know whether Plant-Based Diet is Effective *What is Dr. Sebi Style Raw Green Alkaline Smoothie Diet? *How Natural Smoothie Diet Works? *Major Health Benefits Can You Achieve *Understand Body PH and Alkalinity together *Why Is Going Alkaline the Best? *Drinking Vs. Eating *Food Choices According to Dr. Sebi *Tips to Start the Cleansing Process *Healthy Habits That Can Change Your Life *Tips to Wean Off the Diet Click “BUY NOW” at the top of the page, and instantly Download: Dr. Sebi Alkaline Green Smoothies: Cleanse, Heal and Revive Your Body by Understanding How The Alkaline Diet Benefits Your Overall Health