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Now Updated: Two additional ChaptersA conclusion page5 Powerful Dr. Sebi Approved Recipes and How To Prepare them.4 Powerful Benefits of Alkaline diet you should Know. Ignore this at your own Risk.Other recommended books that will boost your health, regain vitality, help lose weight, etc. You will surely get adequate guidance on adopting an alkaline lifestyle through Dr. Sebi with this book in your hand. You sure don't want to miss out on this health-boosting Dr. Sebi's book.Dr. Sebi never recommends that anyone take any food that cannot be found on the Dr. Sebi Approved Food Lists. That's why it is essential you know what the approved Dr. Sebi Food list.This little guide will show you all the Dr. Sebi recommended foods you should take in your alkaline diets.The Dr. Sebi food list is very detailed and specific. It does not contain many of the popular plant-based foods that are regarded as whole foods. Dr. Sebi did not approve of using hybrid foods. Hybrid foods are foods and fruits that are made from processes of unnatural cross-pollinating of two or more different plants). The reason Dr.Sebi avoided recommending taking hybrid foods is that these foods alter the pH balance, genetic make-up and electrical composition to the detriment of human bodies. A common hybrid food that many individuals like eating is garlic. It is popularly eaten but very dangerous to us. Do you want to know more? Check out this book by clicking on the download button.Dr. Sebi Recommended Food lists for your alkaline diet