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Do You Want to Attain A Healthy Life, Free from Severe Diseases? If you are looking for a diet that helps you lose weight, brings back your lost energy, improves your focus, and reduces your chances of critical diseases, you can stop your search here. After researching a lot, we found that only a traditional plant-based healing system has the potential to do so. Thanks to Dr. Sebi, who is addressed as a famous herbalist, he has already done his research and claims that a plant-based alkaline diet is most fit for the human body. He claims that an acidic body is most favorable for the growth of chronic diseases. To set yourself free from these hazardous diseases, you need to follow Dr. Sebi's Alkaline Plant-Based Diet. You cannot have just all the plants, so we created this cookbook to guide you on what foods are approved by Dr. Sebi and what foods should be avoided. Not only that, we have gone an extra mile to make your lives easier by including 10 Quick, Yummy, Easy to Follow Recipes, so you are all set to embark on your journey to attain a healthy life reducing the risk of most dreadful diseases. Do You Have the Desire to Follow Dr. Sebi's Alkaline Diet, But Not Sure How to Follow It? Dr. Sebi's Alkaline Diet is miraculous for people who want to accomplish a healthy life free from diseases. But, to remain glued to the diet is no easy task. First, you need to know what to eat and what to avoid. What food is considered acidic, and what is alkaline? After that comes the most daunting task: Finding the recipes you can prepare from those ingredients. If You Are Struggling to Follow the Dr. Sebi Alkaline Diet, our Ultimate Cookbook Resolves All Your Problems. This Cookbook consists of a Complete Food Guide. Along with that, You Get 10 Quick, Easy and Delicious Recipes That Will Easily Fit into Your Fast-Paced Lifestyle. These Recipes Are Easy to Follow, Quick to Prepare so that they Effortlessly Gel Into Your Busy Schedule and Give You More Time to Focus On Other Important Tasks of Your Life. Inside You'll Discover.... *Introduction to Dr. Sebi's Alkaline Diet *Dr. Sebi's Plant-Based Alkaline Diet Vs. Regular Diet *Benefits You Can Achieve with Dr. Sebi recommended Alkaline Diet *Food Guide To Know Your Most Favorable Ingredients *10 Easy and Delicious Recipes that Can Fit Into your Busy Lifestyle Without any Much Efforts *And much, much, more Click “BUY NOW” at the top of the page, and instantly Download: Dr.‌ ‌Sebi‌ ‌Cookbook‌ ‌for‌ ‌Beginners‌: 10 Quick, Easy To Prepare And Delicious Beginners Friendly Recipes To Keep You Motivated Throughout Your Dr. Sebi’s Plant-Based Diet Journey