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Elephant male are often portrayed as aggressive loners, who shape the world around them by brute force. But they can also be gentle and playful giants, even empathic. "Uncertain Throne "brings Entourage from LA to Mushara, showing how the lives of male elephants is really one of time with a posse, entourages of mixed ages, with all of the social dynamics groups of men in other species experience. The story follows that of Greg, and a band of his friends, with days at the water hole, evenings spent defending turf, and searching out mates. "Uncertain Throne "is Greg's story, but it is every bit as much a story about O'Connell, who, like Jane Goodall and others who inspire her, has dedicated herself to learning about elephants, and in turn sharing what she has learned with those of us who aren't enamored of sleeping on elevated wooden platforms in Namibia that keep lions out of reach but are scalable by a wide array of other visitors--snakes included. "An Uncertain Throne "tracks Greg and his group of males for a decade, starting in 2004. In a series of short chapters, starting in the present but winding back through previous field seasons, O Connell narrates and aims to understand the vicissitudes of male friendship, power struggles, and play. She captures for readers the incredible repertoire of elephant behavior, communication included. Greg it at times a tyrant, and at others a benevolent dictator. And he possesses what it takes to stay at the top, even as the environment and landscape morph around him with the dynamics of wet and dry years. Life for male elephants is uncertain, and full of tragedy and triumph alike. And this gives us all a sense of what it's like to walk in their company."