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Quickly learn Affinity Photo image editing Affinity Photo is the hot photo editing package from Serif. It can compete head on with the latest version of Photoshop. It’s also affordable, incredibly powerful and exceptionally flexible. But all this power and flexibility brings its own challenges. Just like Photoshop, Affinity Photo can be confusing and tricky to learn. Even with a background in Photoshop image editing it’s likely you will miss a lot of its features. And unlike Photoshop you won’t have an endless choice of books to learn from. Which is where “Essential Affinity Photo” comes to the rescue. In this comprehensive yet easy to follow book, Landscape Photographer Robin Whalley explains the core features of Affinity Photo Desktop. Written in his unique, easy to understand style, Robin explains logically the essential techniques you need to know to learn Affinity Photo. Follow this book and its examples and you will soon be editing images as though you have been using the software for years. The book is arranged into a series of lessons that focus in on the essential image editing skills. Each lesson builds on the previous one, minimising repetition and saving you valuable time. You will learn about: - Different Affinity Photo Personas, what these do and how to navigate them. - The Develop Persona, using it to convert a Raw photo file into a high-quality image. - How layers form the backbone of the Photo Persona and how to use them to improve your editing. - Different Adjustment layers, filters and live filters you can apply, to fine tune and improve your photography. - How to convert your images to black and white as well as important techniques such as Dodging and Burning. - Creating and using layer masks to precisely target your adjustments to specific areas of an image. - Harnessing the power of the Export Persona. - And lots more. Throughout the book there are examples and exercises for you to follow. The author provides the images for these on his website, allowing you to follow along on your own computer. You won’t need to wade through hundreds of pages to find answers. This is a comprehensive and concise guide to help you learn Affinity Photo. It doesn’t matter if you are a complete novice or have some experience of Affinity Photo, this book could help improve your Affinity Photo editing.