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Accounting Lessons & Financial Statement Skills in One Neat, Little Book How would you like to learn to read AND use your financial statements while at the same time getting a grounding in core accounting skills? This book will help you in the markets and in your business while adding accounting as another string to your bow. Make the most of your currently available financial accounting information. Read on to find out how. Financial Statement Basics: From Confusion to Comfort in Under 100 Pages Three Books in One... This bundled title includes * Balance Sheet Basics: From Confusion to Comfort in Under 30 Pages * Income Statement Basics: From Confusion to Comfort in Under 30 Pages * Cash Flow Statement Basics: From Confusion to Comfort in Under 35 Pages You Can Use Your Financial Statements to Improve Your Stock Market Results * Financial statements are created for parties external to the business * They give you a window into the performance & position of any prospective stock investment * You'll be better equipped to pick winners and sell or avoid the losers (and do it yourself) A Businessperson or Entrepreneur? Are you making the most of your available financial data? * If you are unfamiliar with the value of accounting information then this book will change the way you look at your business * Spot your business' strengths and weaknesses and have the financial data to back it up * With better decision making based on your financials, you can get excited (and not scared) about the future again A Quick Read Meant for the Time-Poor Professional * Financial Statements Basics, while comprehensive, is only 100 A4 Pages in length and is thus concise and straight to the point * Businessperson or Investor, you can apply your new financial analysis skills quickly * Use it for practical, real-world application and not only theoretical curiosity You Have the Help & Support You Need and ongoing * The author has had years of experience teaching complex accounting concepts to students of various standards, in a friendly conversational tone * This book forms part of an operating small enterprise which means that you have someone to turn to while reading or going forward * You have more support if you need it along the way Check out the Table of Contents Read the First Few Pages... AND Make the Exciting Decision to Buy Now