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🗸 Title: GarageBand for IPad - How It Works
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This book is also available as a pdf download for $6 from my website The only full featured manual for GarageBand for the iPad (not just a quick start guide) Publication Date (current edition): June 21st, 2014 Please note that the displayed publication date on this page reflects the "original publication date of the book" and not the current print version which is June 21st 2014. This makes it the only book that is based for that version of this application The only "Graphically Enhanced Manuals" for Apple's GarageBand for iOS app. "GarageBand for iPad - How it Works" from the GEM series (Graphically Enhanced Manuals) explains Apple's popular music production application "GarageBand for iPad" with rich illustrations and diagrams that are not found in any other manual. This 137 pages letter size book presents this software application in great detail with that easy to understand, visual approach. This book is in fact the only comprehensive manual for the iPad version of GarageBand. It covers all the features of the apps, plus getting into great details about iCloud and iTunes File Sharing. What are Graphically Enhanced Manuals (GEM)? They're a new type of manual with a visual approach that helps you UNDERSTAND a program, not just LEARN it. No need to read through 500 of pages of dry text explanations. Rich graphics and diagrams help you to get that "aha" effect and make it easy to comprehend difficult concepts. The Graphically Enhanced Manuals help you master a program much faster with a much deeper understanding of concepts, features and workflows in a very intuitive way that is easy to understand. Testimonials: Readers love this unique way of learning applications no matter how easy or complicated the app might be. Here are some responses from satisfied customers: "I wish all the manuals on software were like yours!" - Giovanni C. "You have the gift of making difficult concepts understandable" - William B. "Your style is the most informative and clear I have ever seen" - Mark D. "Great stuff Edgar! I bought your other Logic GEM books and love em..." - freeform "Thank you so much for your fantastic guides; I've learned so much!" - Brandon B. "I love your manuals." - Eli. "Love your writing!" - Magnus N "Your book is awesome" - Geoff S. "I am really impressed by the quality and the user-friendliness of the book" - Giovanni "I cannot praise you enough, you are great at this" - Scot C. "Thanks for a fantastic series of books - just what the doctor ordered." - Peter W. "Many thanks for the effort you put into these books. A true gem". - Alan M