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Users will find a lot to like about the new iPhoto 4. With Smart Albums, they can organize photos similar to the way iTunes creates playlists. And they can share photos over a network using the same Apple technology for sharing music. There's much more, and our new Missing Manual covers everything in detail and with scrupulous objectivity. But this witty and authoritative guide goes much further, giving readers the basics they need to make iPhoto really work: Essentials of photography. Using iPhoto without a grounding in camera technique is like getting a map before you've learned to drive. This book offers a friendly guide to the digital camera, and professional tips for making everyday snapshots look spectacular.Editing basics. Even great photos need a little touching up. This book shows how to master iPhoto's brightness and contrast controls, cropping tools, new Enhance and Retouch commands, and more.Finding an audience. iPhoto excels at presenting photos. The book goes into detail about creating and uploading a Web site gallery, creating QuickTime movies from your pictures (both for DVD and on the Web), interactive DVD slideshows, AppleScripting iPhoto, important information on backing up and managing batches of photo files, and putting together one of Apple's linen photo books, including hints on how to arrange the pictures, what book formats work best for what kind of material, how to override the installed designs, and how to make up your own!" iPhoto 4: The Missing Manual," 3rd Edition covers all of these procedures, step by step and offers details on even the smallest nips and tucks.