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So you want to drive stick...You've heard that driving stick gives you more control of your car in every situation, from a passing maneuver to descending a snowy hill. You've heard driving a stick shift car is more economical at the gas pump. You've heard it's more fun. But you've also heard it's hard to learn: there are gearshifts to master, your engine can stall, your car can roll backwards on a hill, and understanding the clutch is a nightmare. So, what if I told you using a clutch is no more difficult than using a bathroom faucet, or that your car's handbrake is a lot more than just a 'parking brake', or that I can teach you - in just one sentence - how to avoid ever stalling your engine? I've already taught thousands of people how to drive stick - men and women of all ages - normal people, not engineering students or race car engineers. And I can teach you.