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The iPhone 15 pro max was launched on Friday, September 22, 2023. it is the most advanced of its kind the iPhone series. the new Apple 15 pro max is packed with a series of new features, these include a chip a17 pro, a true depth camera, a 5x telephoto camera with the longest optical zoom of any iPhone, This manual contains comprehensive and illustrative details for both beginners and seniors to master the iPhone 15 pro max. What you will see in this manual; How To Turn On And Set Up iPhone Turn On And Set Up your iPhone Access More Controls In the Control Center How To Temporarily Disconnect From Bluetooth Device How To Modify The Iphone'snotification Preferences How To Make Location-Based Notifications Active Or Inactive. How To Charge Your iPhone 15 Pro Max Implications Of USB-C For The iPhone 15 Pro Max How To Access The Camera On Your iPhone How To Use Your iPhone To Send And Receive Texts Improving Your Social Media Videos With These 4 Editing Tricks The Second Piece Of Advice Is To Make An Effort To Edit Well. Third Piece Of Advice: Incorporate A Call To Action Fourthly, Make Sure You Track Your Progress. How To Enjoy Music On Your iPhone How U Can Adjust the iPhone's Safari Settings To Your Liking Adjust The Font Size Of A Webpage In Safari Methods For Using The Apple Watch To Monitor Your Sleep How To Set A Sleep Schedule on iPhone How To Enjoy A Call With Your iPhone Enjoy Using 5 G with your iPhone How To Download Apps On an iPhone For Free In The, Where You Can Browse The Top Free Apps App Store How To Check And Use My Voicemail In What Ways Can I Go To My Voicemail? Tell Me How To Activate And Deactivate My Voicemail. Why Is My iPhone 15 Storage Almost Full? Why Your Social Media Profiles Should Be Set Up Correctly Why Your Social Media Profiles Should Be Set Up Correctly Building 8 Elements To Set Up Your Social Profiles For Success How To Manage Favorite Contacts on iPhone Find Your Apps In The App Library Find And Open An App In The App Library Hide And Show Home Screen Pages Reorder Home Screen Pages Change We Get Downloaded Re New Apps Move An App From The App Library To The