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🗸 Title: Legends
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Legends Never Die. Sequel to the Post-Apocalyptic Bestseller HOOD! From the remnants of America, a new world is taking shape. But not all is as it seems. As Rangers of the Sons of Liberty, Whiskey and Taylor have a new life ranging out into the overgrown vestiges of civilization, teaching young soldiers how to survive. But peace never lasts long. The tides of war beckon as rebels are found within the borders. A secret organization lies unknown to the warring factions in the new Americas. A mysterious message has been nailed to Whiskey and Taylor's door. Someone from their past is still alive. Twenty years have passed since the fall of the Kaiser and the end of the First War. Survivors across the country have slowly banded into factions, rebuilding semblances of civilization from the vestiges of the old world. The end of the Kaiser's war brought years of relative peace to the country... But as the factions rise up against the Sons of Liberty, conflict rises on the horizon. As war comes again to the vestiges of America, the factions have united behind a deadly sniper called 'the Ghost'. The Sons of Liberty stand alone, and The new civilization stands upon the brink of falling apart once more . . . But the further from home Whiskey and Taylor get, the more muddled the truth seems to be. But one thing is clear. Someone from their past is still alive. Sequel to the bestselling Book 1 of the American Rebirth Series, HOOD!