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Practical strategies and exercises that empower women with ADHD to use their gifts for everyday success Backed by the latest research on the benefits that exist with having ADHD, Powered by ADHD is a practical road map for women to take charge and harness their enormous strengths and talents. With more than 20 years of experience working with neurodivergence, Dr. Amelia Kelley offers guidance, skills, and tools that emphasize flexibility and self-compassion to help women develop a positive self-image and see immediate results in all areas of life. Powered by ADHD features: A complete package for women with ADHD—grounded in the latest science and research; positive and motivating support; practical guides, tools, and strategies Practical guidelines to the top ADHD gifts, including how to effectively use these strengths to meet productivity and accomplish goals Real-life adult ADHD challenges and clear strategic solutions for key areas of a woman’s life—work, home, relationships, finance, motherhood/caretaking, and more Step-by-step and easy-to-follow exercises that are designed to work with and for the ADHD brain