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🗸 Title: The Angry Land
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When a cattle train bound for Texas is ambushed by blood thirsty rustlers, legendary mountain man Smoke Jensen vows to get the cattle back, get the killers who stole them—and get revenge for the blood they spilled . . . Johnstone Country. Where Outlaws Shoot. And Legends Shoot Back. The completion of a new railroad line from Colorado to Texas is a dream come true for Smoke Jensen and the other ranchers of Big Rock. But this dream turns into their worst nightmare when the first herd they load onto the train is stolen by a vicious gang of kill-crazy rustlers. This is no ordinary train robbery. It’s an inferno of slaughter that includes the friendly rancher who volunteered to take Smoke’s place on the trip. Now Smoke is saddling up and riding out—to get the prairie rats who murdered his friend . . . Smoke isn’t the only one who’s after these merciless killers. A pair of undercover lawmen from Texas have managed to infiltrate the gang by pretending to be dangerous outlaws. While Smoke is trying to track down the stolen herd, the undercover lawmen pretend to plot with the gang to rob more cattle trains. But there’s a hitch in the lawmen’s plan. To make sure they’re really on board, the gang wants them to prove their loyalty—by eliminating their biggest threat: Smoke Jensen . . .