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A modern, practical guide to buy your first rental property without losing your shirt! If you are looking for a comprehensive and trustworthy resource for investing in rental properties, start with this book! The Frugal Real Estate Investor shares the most important lessons learned from a real estate investor's true experience of buying a rental income property for the first time, and being successfully profitable from day one. The Frugal Real Estate Investor is full of practical advice from an active real estate investor with his own skin in the game, minus the unnecessary real estate hype or sales talk. This book has three parts, covering a broad range of topics for real estate investors new and old. Part one focuses on effective strategies to strengthen personal finances at home before diving into real estate investing. Part two takes a holistic look at foundational concepts and tools to build a solid grounding to invest in real estate with confidence. Part three takes the foundational concepts from the earlier parts into action by providing a hands-on, repeatable approach for buying and managing rental properties.For the starting investor, this book will provide inspiration and a solid playbook to help invest more wisely. For the seasoned investor, the hands-on tips from a fellow real estate investor should provide alternative tips and insights. For everyone else, the lessons in this book will help you to build more stability, resilience, and peace of mind into your personal and professional finances, regardless of whether you ultimately decide to buy a rental property or not.