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🗸 Title: The Radiance of Alfheim
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Odin’s endgame draws nigh. Only a few obstacles remain between him and his goal of reaching Alfheim. His most valuable piece has become Sigurd, son of Sigmund, and a fierce warrior. Odin now must prompt Sigurd on a quest to slay a dragon and unravel a dynasty. But what fate lies in store for a god’s pawn? And if Odin finally reaches Alfheim, what awaits him? A dark fantasy, gritty retelling of Norse mythology by mythic fantasy author Matt Larkin. This epic fantasy series includes: The Apples of Idunn The Mists of Niflheim The Shores of Vanaheim The High Seat of Asgard The Well of Mimir The Radiance of Alfheim The Shadows of Svartalfheim The Gates of Hel The Fires of Muspelheim PRAISE FOR THE WORLD OF ESCHATON CYCLE EPIC FANTASY SERIES: “He takes mythology and lore, stories and peoples and gods you might have heard of and twists them, and makes them uniquely his. His retellings are some of the best I’ve ever read, and the amount of research he puts into each one of his books is staggering.” - Sarah Chorn via Goodreads “The story itself is complex and it is extremely well crafted. ” - FantasyBookNerd via Goodreads “Matt Larkin, is arguably the current master of the Mythic Legend genre. He has created the far reaching Eschaton Cycle that interweaves religions, myths, and legends of cultures and people through out time and across the face of the Earth as we know it.” - Dale Russel via Goodreads “Scenes so vividly detailed it paints a fantastic backdrop and tosses in some spice to add flavor to the mix. ” - Kaye via Goodreads For fans of: R. Scott Bakker Guy Gavriel Kay Madeline Miller Steven Erikson Sue Lynn Tan Katherine Arden Jennifer Saint Tashi Suri Joe Abercrombie Juliet Marillier Wesley Chu Michael Fletcher Giles Kristian Christopher Buehlman George R.R. Martin James Islington Janny Wurts Brent Weeks Ed McDonald Keywords related to this epic fantasy series: Norse myth, Germanic myth, dark fantasy books, epic sagas, free epic fantasy books, myths and legends, retellings, folklore, fairytales, mythology, grimdark, epic fantasy, epic free, sword and sorcery, fantasy stories, historical fantasy