To Middle-Earth and Back Again

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🗸 Title: To Middle-Earth and Back Again
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Journey through J.R.R. Tolkien's Middle-Earth and back again with this new companion journal and devotional by Tea with Tolkien. Chapter by chapter, grow in Hobbit-ness and Holiness as you reflect on major themes, quotes, and characters from The Lord of the Rings.This workbook journal explores Tolkien's Catholic faith and the influence it had on his writings, inspiring you to reflection and action as we seek to carry the spirit of Middle-Earth into our own daily lives through journaling prompts, discussion topics, and tangible action items. Journey alongside Frodo, Samwise, and the other members of the Fellowship of the Ring as they each play their parts in the War of the Ring; and as they come to the final chapters of their tale, you may find yourself altogether changed as well. For each chapter of The Lord of the Rings, this workbook includes: a chapter summary; space for note-taking; a short reflection on a theme, quote, or character; and discussion and/or reflection prompts. This workbook also features several "On the Road" bonus sections concerning certain characters and events, such as Tom Bombadil and the Gifts of Galadriel, where we can take the time to dig deeper into Tolkien's legendarium.