Timeborne ( Blade of Shadows Book 1)

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🗸 Title: Timeborne ( Blade of Shadows Book 1)
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When the ancient scriptures are uttered.....you never know what might happen under the blinding light of a full moon. She was born in darkness, under the shadow of a full moon during a solar eclipse, with a mysterious black dagger at her side.As a child, Olivia James witnessed her mother's gruesome murder. As an adult, her godfather has trained her to be a skilled fighter. But when Olivia's boyfriend betrays her and threatens her life, setting off a string of events that catapults her back in time from 21st century Seattle into 3rd century Rome, the secrets of her past begin to unravel. The discovery that she is a Timeborne, one with the ability to travel across time, is just the beginning. Soon Olivia finds herself under the protection of—and owned by—Roman Alexander, a former gladiator and bodyguard to the emperor. Torn between his duty to his emperor, a desire for vengeance, and a longing to search for his lost twin brother, Roman now has the added complication of protecting this strange woman from the depravity of ancient Rome. Worse, he finds himself falling for her, despite accusations that she is an enemy spy. But even Roman is no match for the dark shadow that has pursued Olivia into the past. A fighter in her own right, she's forced to work with Roman to find a way back to her own time. Do the ancient scriptures on her dagger hold the key? Can she trust Roman with her secrets? And can she fight her enemies and protect her heart at the same time? Timeborne is the first book in the Blade of Shadows series. Begin your adventure now!