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🗸 Title: UIKit for Masterminds
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Learn how to create apps with all the new features introduced to the UIKit framework, and how to build asynchronous and concurrent applications to take advantage of the multiple cores available in Apple Silicon chips (M1, M1 Pro, and M1 Max) UIKit for Masterminds guides you step by step through the process of creating applications for iPhones, iPads, and Mac computers. After reading this book, you will know how to program in Swift, how to design user interfaces with UIKit and Storyboards, and how to work with the most powerful frameworks available for app development. This book is a comprehensive course on how to build applications for Apple devices. Each chapter explores basic and complex concepts; from computer programming and the Swift language to everything you need to know to develop an application from scratch. The information is supported by practical examples that gradually introduce the technologies involved and make them accessible to everyone. UIKit for Masterminds was designed to prepare you for the future and was written for the mastermind in you. This book includes: Introduction to Swift 5.5 Swift Paradigm Concurrency Foundation Framework UIKit Framework Auto Layout Size Classes Navigation Controllers Scroll Views Stack Views Table Views Collection Views Split View Controller Alert Views Notifications Files Archiving Core Data iCloud CloudKit AVFoundation Camera and Photo Library Map Kit Web Kit Views Gesture Recognizers Timers Operation Queues Error Handling Image and Video Mac Catalyst ...and more! Learn app development with iOS 15, Xcode 13, and Swift 5.5 today!