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Build an actionable, business value driven case for data governance to obtain executive support and implement with excellence Key Features Develop a solid foundation in data governance and increase your confidence in data solutions Align data governance solutions with measurable business results and apply practical knowledge from real-world projects Learn from a three-time chief data officer who has worked in leading Fortune 500 companies Purchase of the print or Kindle book includes a free PDF eBook Book Description2.5 quintillion bytes! This is the amount of data being generated every single day across the globe. As this number continues to grow, understanding and managing data becomes more complex. Data professionals know that it’s their responsibility to navigate this complexity and ensure effective governance, empowering businesses with the right data, at the right time, and with the right controls. If you are a data professional, this book will equip you with valuable guidance to conquer data governance complexities with ease. Written by a three-time chief data officer in global Fortune 500 companies, the Data Governance Handbook is an exhaustive guide to understanding data governance, its key components, and how to successfully position solutions in a way that translates into tangible business outcomes. By the end, you’ll be able to successfully pitch and gain support for your data governance program, demonstrating tangible outcomes that resonate with key stakeholders. What you will learn Comprehend data governance from ideation to delivery and beyond Position data governance to obtain executive buy-in Launch a governance program at scale with a measurable impact Understand real-world use cases to drive swift and effective action Obtain support for data governance-led digital transformation Launch your data governance program with confidence Who this book is for Chief data officers, data governance leaders, data stewards, and engineers who want to understand the business value of their work, and IT professionals seeking further understanding of data management, will find this book useful. You need a basic understanding of working with data, business needs, and how to meet those needs with data solutions. Prior coding experience or skills in selling data solutions to executives are not required.