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Please note: This is a companion version & not the original book. Sample Book Insights: #1 After World War II, my grandmother, Oma, was one of the first people in her village to emerge from the underground cellar. She and her children moved back into the family house. As women in the village waited for their husbands and sons to return, they became alarmed when stories began circulating that the Soviets were raping and killing German women. #2 The Americans arrived in Schwaneberg in mid-May, and the village was quickly enamored with them. The soldiers sent the village children into fits of giggles when they botched German phrases, and they called everyone Schatzi, an endearment reserved for parents or for those in love. #3 The Americans established calm and control over Schwaneberg, and the villagers began to trust them. But they had to leave suddenly, and the villagers were scared of the Soviets coming. #4 Hanna had come into the world on a bitterly cold, dark winter night in Trabitz, a tiny hamlet on the Saale River. Outside the schoolhouse, the winds had kicked up enormous snowflakes that had wildly flown about all evening long and never seemed to settle. The rooftops and trees were covered in a thick white blanket of snow.