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Why are so many people with high IQs and excellent academic achievements unsuccessful in life?Why do some people build social relationships with ease while others seem incapable of doing so?Have you ever found yourself in a situation where anxiety and fear overwhelm you to the point that you freeze up or are unable to make the right decision?The secret? EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE! In today's society, it is believed that a person with great academic achievements and a high IQ has it easy and will certainly be successful in life. But in many cases, getting good grades in college or having a high IQ is not strictly linked to success. Does this seem strange to you? Either way, this is the reality of things. Think about it.. the vast majority of successful people didn't do so well in school. There is a type of intelligence that few know of, yet it is one of the most important for our well-being and that of others, and it is Emotional Intelligence(EI). With the methods explained in the book, you will be able to train and develop this type of intelligence, thus changing your life! You will finally understand how to relate to others in the best way possible by always making the wisest decisions in every area of your life without letting negative emotions take over. This book is for: Those who want to increase work productivity, with a greater capacity for leadership; Those who want to reduce anxiety and stress as well as the risk of suffering from disorders such as depression; Those who would like to know themselves better and make better decisions Those who want to more fully enjoy their relationship as a couple and beyond; Those who want to use empathy to better understand others' moods Those who want to improve social relations and control anger; And much, much more... Don't worry, it's not your usual academic textbook full of complex terms. This book will give you the right strategies in a simple and challenging way. If you want to discover the power of Emotional Intelligence and finally control your emotions, Get This Book NOW!