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🗸 Title: Evocation
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TOP RATED PSYCHIC REVEALS HOW TO EVOKE THE MOST POWERFUL OF POSITIVE SPIRITS AND COMPEL THEM TO DO YOUR BIDDING! HUNGARIAN BORN MARIA D' ANDREA SAYS YOU CAN GAIN RICHES, HONOR AND TRANQUILITY WITH THE USE OF VARIOUS PENTACLES, ALL OF WHICH ARE FULLY ILLUSTRATED IN THIS UNIQUE STUDY GUIDE. If you are considering an occult approach to life's difficulties, this easy to read, step-by-step tutorial will teach you how to summon deities, angels, archangels, or any sort of inter-dimensional being, as well as the protocols for conversing with whatever entity arrives at your command. Maria's methods give you 100 percent control of the situation as you delve into what the sages of old have termed "ceremonial magick." However, not only does Maria teach how to bring spirits into your presence, she also teaches proper cleansing and banishing techniques to help the student in the aftermath of the spirits' visit. You cannot be taken over or "possessed" if you follow Maria's instructions to the letter. Indeed! If you approach contacting the various benevolent spirits who await your summoning with the proper caution and respect for ritual, you may get the kind of personal help you've needed for years but could never find elsewhere in the "real" world. What mortals cannot do for themselves, spirits will do for them. Maria's "Evocation" is here to aid in your contact and dealings with the "Other Side." Spells you will find in this book include: Summon the Archangel Metetron to connect to the divine for information or healing. Gain riches, honor and tranquility by the skillful use of various pentacles, all of which are fully illustrated in the book. Use the pentacles of Venus to draw romance into your life or to safeguard and jumpstart love relationships you're in already. "