Overcoming Ageism (HBR Women at Work Series)

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🗸 Title: Overcoming Ageism (HBR Women at Work Series)
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Combat age discrimination in your workplace.

Everyone experiences age-related bias at some point in their careers, but for women the costs are greater. Sure, there are laws and organizational rules prohibiting age-related discrimination, but lived experience shows there's no "right age" to be a woman. Whether you're seen as too old or too young, ageism affects the opportunities you have access to, how others perceive you, and how much your contributions are valued.

Overcoming Ageism offers stories, research, and advice about navigating gendered age discrimination and bias at work. From advocating for yourself to ensuring continual learning and curiosity, you'll learn how to show others the unique expertise you bring to the organization and take back control of your career growth.

This book will inspire you to:
Establish your credibility with those around youOvercome imposter syndromeBuild a support system across age groupsWork together to end age bias in your organization
The HBR Women at Work series spotlights the real challenges and opportunities women experience throughout their careers. With interviews from the popular podcast of the same name and related articles, stories, and research, these books provide inspiration and advice for taking on topics at work like inequity, advancement, and building community. Featuring detailed discussion guides, this series will help you spark important conversations about where we're at and how to move forward.